Aerial Stock Footage of Israel

Featuring 4K/UHD clips of Israel’s most popular National Parks, including Masada!

Jeffrey’s portfolio of breathtaking aerial footage above Masada, Israel!  His work has been featured on Discover Magazine’s blog and United With Israel’s website.  To view and purchase clips of the Masada footage Click Here (Pond5).


Proud to sell a sample of his collection on POND5. Browse his Collection (right) or contact him below for information on his whole stock library.


Are you a member of ShutterStock? No problem! His collections of Israeli National Parks and landscapes are also on ShutterStock!

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Working together with OR Productions, Jeffrey filmed over 500 aerial clips of Israel’s inspiring landscapes in stunning 4k, UHD, and 1080p resolutions. They were filmed with the DJI Inspire 1. Now available for purchase at

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  • Jerusalem (Haas Promenade)
  • Sunset over Mediterraneannian
  • Mar Saba Monastery
  • Dead Sea coastline
  • Cliffs & Caves of Mt. Arbel
  • Jordan River flowing into the Galilee
  • West Bank Settlements
  • Israeli Agriculture
  • Date Palms
  • Eilat, with Aqaba in background
  • Small Makhtesh (crater)
  • Desert Mountains

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Looking for a discount? Jeffrey offers savings for clients who purchase bulk directly through him. Contact him for more details and prices.

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