Stunning Flyover of Qumran & Dead Sea Scroll Caves – Aerial Cinematography by JP Worthington Media

By: Jeffrey Worthington (Facebook)

I considered it an honor to film over some of Israel’s priceless archaeological treasures. Special thanks to Israel’s National Park Authority! It was a clear and calm morning, perfect for capturing smooth footage of the caves so close to the canyon walls! If you’re interested in purchase any of these aerial video clips, they are available at and

Qumran, home of one of the greatest discoveries of our time, the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hidden throughout nearby caves… They laid undisturbed for almost 2000 years. Written by the Essenes, a Jewish religious group, who lived during the second temple period, with a large community in the Judean desert, near the Dead Sea.

Discovered in 1946 by a Bedouin shepherd boy looking for his lost sheep, over the next 10 years it became the largest collection of ancient Hebrew scrolls. Included in the discoveries were an unprecedented 39 copies of the Book of Psalms and 22 copies of the Book of Isaiah. The Essenes believed in keeping themselves pure from the outside world. Living lives of voluntary poverty, collective ownership, and in serving each other.

They built a system of aqueducts, diverting water from nearby canyons during the rainy seasons, to collect water into a series of large cisterns. As part of their daily purification they would immerse themselves in ritual baths called mikvot. In 68 C.E., the Essene community of Qumran was completely destroyed by an advancing Roman army. Today, the Dead Sea Scrolls are a affirmation of Judaism’s resilience and connection to the land through the millennia.

Jeffrey Worthington is an international travel/aerial photographer and video producer. He is the creator of the Worthington Foundation and project director of the iHistory WW2 video contest. Shoot Location: Qumran, Israel – Camera: DJI Inspire 1.

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