The Beauty of the Dead Sea (Israel & Jordan) – 2011

The Dead Sea (Hebrew:Yām Ha-Melaḥ) is among Israel’s most popular attractions both because of it’s peculiarity (I mean who doesn’t like to float?) and for it’s medicinal benefits. Located in the middle of the Jordan Rift Valley, the Dead Sea, or as its now labeled “The Sea of Life,” is surrounded by the harsh and…

The Dead Sea – (Preview)

Posting more pictures tomorrow!

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Shoot Location: Dead Sea, Israel

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Israel Travel Photography – Part 2

Israel is a captivating place, as historic as the walls of Jericho yet as modern as the new Malha Mall and it’s Rolex shop (hey window shopping never hurt anyone!). This is why I love nature photography so much is because it transcends the millennia with it’s beauty. Enjoy part 2 of my Israel blogs!…

Spain – (preview)

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to spend some time in northern Spain exploring where my ancestors came from. Since I’m still traveling and short on time, I hope you enjoy this preview of my travels in through the Spanish countryside. These images are straight off the camera, raw and unedited. Enjoy! All photos, portraits, landscapes,…


Here is brief photo essay on my brief (one afternoon) time in Barcelona! (I didn’t get see the Mediterranean, but these clouds were a nice substitute.) (This street has Barcelona’s oldest synagogue. It dates back to around 300 A.D.) (The holes in the wall are from a bomb dropped by the Nazi Luftwaffe, during the…