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  • Sierra Blanca - July 2009

  • The hike up Sierra Blanca (elevation 12,004ft) was pretty intense but luckily it only took us a few hours too summit! It was so worth every step though! Being able to see 200+ miles in almost any direction is amazing! I'd say it's breath taking but by the time I reached the top I didn't have any [...]
  • Ruidoso Dance Ensemble - June 2009

  • I had the pleasure of being asked to shoot the Ruidoso Dance Ensemble's portraits at the amazing ($27 million) Spencer Theater! With the help of a couple assistance we made it great shoot!All photos, portraits, and photography are copyrighted byJP Worthington & Jeffrey Worthington & Worthin[...]
  • La Jolla, California - April 2009

  • So just a day after returning from Africa, I flew down to San Diego to celebrate my sister's 29th birthday. It was a weekend filled with fun, family, friends, food, the beach, kayaking(!!!!!), and of course a big photo shoot for my sis!All photos, portraits, and photography are copyrighted byJP Wor[...]
  • Mozambique - March 2009

  • Well, it was a year ago today that I began an amazing two week adventure in Mozambique doing humanitarian work. We were in a place where two worlds collided, where which side of a river you were born on decided your fate. These are the faces I saw, these are the people I will remember. For their end[...]